I am not a prostitute, not that I disagree with this profession, but it’s not something I would feel comfortable doing.

I am not a masseuse or escort.

I will not wrestle with you, but can recommend ladies who can.

Do not ask to see my genitals or breasts as NO makes you look stupid.

I expect you to have a polite demeanor and manners whenever you communicate with me whether by phone, email or in session.

I will not dominate you via phone or email.

My time is valuable, so if you are unable to make an appointment, call and cancel. If you cancel frequently I will not accept further appointments from you.

Do not show up early or late without calling.

I do not offer discounts and ask the same donation of everyone.

When meeting me, have the discussed donation ready. I do not accept coin and I do not have change.

I will not tolerate bad manners, sexism or racism.

Inadequate personal hygiene will not be tolerated and you will be asked to wash.

I will not perform water sports unless arranged in advance and hard sports only by prior arrangement.
If you would like to spend time with me please be timely, courteous, clean inside and out, and free of negativity and we’ll have a great time together.